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Q1. What is Auto Scan PVC?
A1. To build up an easy-to-configuration environment, we provide a feature, Auto Scan PVC. With this feature, user just clicks this button. The router will search the active PVCs and list them. User can select the right one from the list and then continually configure the other parameters such as username and password.

Q2. Can the ADSL routers supports multiple WAN and LAN?
A2. Yes, the ADSL routers support multiple WAN and LAN interfaces. Originally, the web GUI is designed for normal end-users. Some of functions need to configure via CLI command set.
- Multiple WAN interface: you can create via web GUI or CLI
- Multiple LAN interface: only can create via CLI
- Multiple NAT: only created via CLI

Q3. Dose router supports Multiple VPN tunnel pass through?
A3. In such environment, router supports multiple VPN tunnels pass through.
- PC1 (VPN-IPsec) <--> router <--> Internet <--> VPN servers
- PC can create multiple tunnels with different servers.
But in two PCs in LAN environment, the second PC cannot initial to establish a tunnel if PC1 has established a tunnel already. Because the returned packet from VPN server can not be forwarded correctly to the initial PC, returned packet from WAN site carries the same port and same destination IP address.

Q4. How to assign the public IP subnet addresses to PCs in LAN if the encapsulation is PPPoA/PPPoE?
Q4. This is a special service from ISP that ISP will assign a subnet (group IPs) negotiated in the IPCP, to subscriber through PPPoA or PPPoE connection. Then subscriber can use these public IPs to surf Internet directly.Pl ease follow the following steps to configure router to achieve this feature.
1. Access router and click "Configuration" => "WAN" => "ISP" => "Edit" => "Advanced Options" => "PPP"
2. Enable both functions "Give Subnet Mask to DHCP Server" and "Discover Subnet Mask"
3. Disable the NAT in PPPoA/PPPoE WEB page
4. Save the configuration to flash and restart to enable this setting.

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