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DSL Research Boosts Speeds to 700meg


A prototype of 700meg DSL has been demonstrated by Huawei in Hong Kong. The company have shown a prototype of the new technology that boosts broadband speeds to much higher speeds by using bonding technology to connect four phone lines together. Using SuperMIMO (multiple input multiple output) technology, the company has managed to improve on the current maximum data rate of 100Mbps which has been possible with VDSL2. Using four twisted pairs helps address crosstalk problems and in turn, this allows an increase in bandwidth per channel to around 175Mbps, reaching around 700Mbps over 400 metres.

"DSL technologies for broadband access are showing great market potential. As a leader in the development of DSL technologies, our newest DSL prototype demonstrates our commitment to providing customer-centric and groundbreaking solutions and services for operators to enhance their competitiveness and profitability."

Continued research into faster access using copper phone lines is valuable as the copper phone lines that are installed are likely to be around for some time. Although fibre will likely start to make a larger footprint over the next decade, being able to re-utilise existing capacity that has been replaced by fibre could help offer faster broadband speeds to communities where an investment in fibre has not been taken. Whilst 700meg is likely to be a peak speed, this technology will help boost speeds that users see.

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